Blade lenght : 22.5 cm (available too in longer version with a 27.5 cm blade)

Total lenght : 38 cm (43 cm for the long version)

Specifications : This short machete is designed for camping, bushcraft, or travel. Easy to carry and powerful at use, great for light work as much as heavy duty tasks, it will be very useful in case of a zombie apocalypse.

Designed after the "Araniyk" Thai knife, a variation of the famous Tibetan Kukri (also known Khukuri, Khukri, Kukuri...), it show a highly efficiency geometry : light and short for a controled use and an easy carry in any conditions (it doesn't hit the knee while walking, and doesn't touch the floor when you duck or kneel). It's grind geometry makes it also a very multi task tool.


Delivered in its MTBlades clothe sheath with authenticity certification.

Keep scrolling down to see the pre-designing sketches of the CNX.

Finition "Zombie apocalypse" et guillochage

Finition "Zombie apocalypse" et guillochage

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